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How to Stimulate happiness hormones naturally

Endorphins are the hormones of happiness. The body produces generating sensations of well-being. Endorphins are responsible for stimulating. the pleasure centers of the brain, creating positive situations Useful tips to stimulate endorphins

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Daily exercise Exercise or daily physical activity needs to improve yourself. if you go to daily exercise, you will feel full of energy, and also with good mood. Then you will get very much peace to your life.

Walk at least 30 minutes a day, accompanied by your favorite music.


Do not fall into monotony – Sometimes it happens that without realizing. we are falling into monotony, in daily routines, in boredom, this situation will create predisposes to us.


In order not to fall into a regular routine. we must seek and incorporate into our lives new enjoyable activities & entertainment that are interesting to us. so that our mood does not wane.


Laugh and do not stop laughing – Laughter is a natural and ideal mechanism to release endorphins. We must not forget to laugh. laugh as much as we can and if we can find a hole in our timetable, practice laughter therapy. it is a good Method to release and increase the levels of endorphins.


Feel the nature closest to you – Choose what you like most, nature does not only imply field or mountain. it can also be the beach. Nature carries our Charges, gives us

a) Energy

b) Good mood,

c) a peaceful & enjoyable day breathes fresh air

d) takes us away from worries and helps us to relax with what endorphins increase.


Foods that favor endorphins – foods with vitamin C: vegetable foods: green leafy vegetables such as

a) cabbage

b) brussels sprouts

c) broccoli

d) red peppers

e) tomatoes

f) squash

g) citrus fruits such as guavas, grapes, orange-red fruits, tangerines, grapefruit, and kiwis.

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